This is an exceptional time and circumstances for both you and your customers. 

Your customers will have genuine concerns about their health and yours. This is a time to be understanding about these fears, so please conduct your communication in a proper and calm manner. 

Please ensure clear communication with the customer and Helpling If you need to cancel cleaning appointments, we recommend that you notify your customers as soon as possible so they can request other help if needed. In the event that a customer cancels a short-term appointment, we recommend that you contact us by email at 

Emphasize the hygiene steps you are taking to ensure you are safe to conduct a clean. Our current hygiene tips can be found here. If needed, consider cancelling single appointments  Speak to your customer openly and consider keeping your future bookings on file. 

If the situation improves and you are both happy to continue, you can pick them up where you left off. If you wish to cancel an upcoming clean, please try to let us know as soon as possible to avoid delay in notifying your customer. If you end up having to cancel the appointment last minute, you will not be charged a short-term cancellation fee until 10.04.2020.