In particular cases, this process might take up to three months.

If the conditions outlined below for your personal data deletion have been met, your account details will be deleted.

Please note that the successful deletion of your data is only possible when:
*All outstanding invoices have been processed
*There is no debt collection in process (no outstanding funds owed to Helpling)
*There is no damage or theft report in progress
*There aren't any further open disputes/statements from customers

If none of these points are outstanding, we will proceed to delete your data from our system.

In case of any outstanding invoices, we kindly ask you to process them as soon as possible. Otherwise, after a 21-day period these will be cancelled (this might result in cancellation and processing fees) and the contract between you and Helpling (Teddle Limited) will be concluded.

Subsequently, we will unsubscribe you from our newsletter.